JUN 03 2015

Best Lawyers for Your Company’s Need


Choosing legal representation for your company’s legal needs is a decision making process that cannot be entered into in a haphazard or hasty manner. It should be obvious to any business decision maker that to forgo the services of a legal professional is not an option. Aside from the plethora of national and international tax and corporate law, businesses need legal representation when entering into contract, dealing with employment laws and potentially facing lawsuits from the public or other companies.


It is advisable to ask other business people or professionals in your network to recommend a good corporate lawyer. They can give first hand feedback regarding a particular lawyer’s performance and fees. However, referrals are an initial stage only, and should not be the sole basis of decision making.


Aside from typing law firm practices into search engines, you should attempt to gather information regarding the profile of company that a law firm or individual lawyer has represented in the past. If a particular lawyer has successfully represented a company with a similar profile to yours, it may be reasonable to assume that they are also suitable to represent your company.


Once you have identified a suitable choice from your searches, it is advisable to arrange a meeting with the lawyer. A reputable firm like GTG Advocates always see this meeting as a chance as lawyers to impress potential clients, so do not hesitate to ask the lawyer relevant questions regarding their fees, payment structure, previous experience and credentials.


Finally, consider the time honoured principles of customer service. A highly experienced lawyer who is not prompt in answering calls or is not listening to their clients may not be the correct choice for your business. A lawyer with a strong case history whose fees do not fit your budget may not be a better choice than a newly qualified lawyer who wishes to make a reputation through competitive pricing and customer service. Do not be afraid to use and trust your own business instincts in this key decision for your company.